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          fruit juice

          Food and beverage
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          2019/09/23 16:51
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          Traditional juice processing technology includes berry selection, washing, crushing, pressing, enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration (including coarse filtration and finishing), and concentration.

          Traditional juice processing technology includes berry selection, washing, crushing, pressing, enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration (including coarse filtration and finishing), and concentration. Although traditional diatomaceous earth and centrifuge filtration can ensure the clarity of the filtrate, it is difficult to filter out bacteria and microorganisms, so the product warranty period is not long, the product yield is low, and the operating cost is high. Adding filter aids and clarifiers, the process is complicated and the raw material consumption is large.

          Now, membrane separation technology has been widely used in juice filtration and concentration. Among them, the organic membrane process will destroy the color and taste of juice, while the use of inorganic microfiltration membrane can not only obtain higher permeation flux and rejection rate, but also reduce protein content. Adsorption on the membrane surface reduces membrane pollution; in addition, due to the inorganic membrane itself has good physical and chemical stability, strong antimicrobial ability, high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency, long service life, etc., and can High pressure recoil and steam on-line disinfection, so it has a wide range of application background in the juice production and pectin reduction industry.

          In view of the high flavor requirements of fruit juice beverages, the company has developed a ceramic membrane filtration and organic membrane integration process to replace the thin film evaporation process. First, ceramic membrane filtration technology is used as a pretreatment process for nanofiltration concentration to remove colloids, macromolecular proteins, and fibers. It retains most of the active ingredients of the extract. The filtrate enters the roll nanofiltration membrane concentration process to increase the concentration and yield of the concentrated juice. While maintaining the original flavor of herbal tea as much as possible, it can reduce the energy consumption of concentration by more than 50%. cost.

          The process flow is shown in the figure below:

          fruit juice


          1. The system has two-way feeding, making full use of the filtration performance of the membrane tube;
          2. Automatic flushing function after power failure to ensure that the membrane stack will not be fouled;
          3. Stable filtration quality and good product quality;
          4. Realize aseptic filtration, the product color, fragrance and taste are all good;
          5. Membrane filtration has no phase change, effectively retaining nutrients and aromatic components;
          6. No need to add chemicals, no pollution, is a green environmental protection technology;
          7. The process is simplified, the process is short, and the production cycle is greatly shortened;
          8. The total energy consumption of the system is low, the operating cost is low, and the operation is simple, the operation is stable, and the maintenance is convenient;
          9. The system can complete integrated data processing and online monitoring, which reduces labor intensity;

          Engineering case:

          fruit juice

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