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          Ceramic membrane small experimental machine

          Product Details

          Ceramic membrane small experimental machine (BONA-GM-22)
          product description:
          The ceramic membrane small experimental machine (BONA-GM-22) can be replaced with ceramic membrane elements (UF, MF) with different pore diameters. It is widely used in the fields of biology, pharmacy, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc., used in the process experiments of separation, purification, clarification and sterilization of material and liquid. It can replace the traditional process of plate and frame filtration, centrifugal separation, solvent extraction, natural sedimentation, diatomite filtration and other processes. It can reduce the amount of activated carbon used during decolorization, improve the adsorption efficiency during resin adsorption, and extend the regeneration cycle of ion exchange resin. The ceramic membrane filtration and separation technology has the advantages of fast product filtration, high yield, good quality, low operating cost and long service life.

          Ceramic membrane small experimental machine (BONA-GM-22)

          Device parameters:
          Minimum circulation volume: 0.2L Maximum working pressure: 0.4MPa
          Adapt to working temperature: 5~55℃ Maximum pump power: 350W
          Adapt to pH range: 2-14 Filtration speed: 1-10L/H
          Equipment specifications: 400 (length) × 420 (width) × 750 (height) mm
          With automatic overpressure protection function, overpressure automatic shutdown
          Ceramic membrane small experimental machine

          Basic configuration:

          one electromagnetic feed pump, one stainless steel membrane component, one pressure sensor, one temperature sensor, one material balance cylinder, one ceramic membrane element (optional); equipment bracket, pressure regulating valve, connecting card Several sections, pipes and their connectors.

          Membrane element parameters:
          Ceramic membrane module specifications: Φ45×L312 316L stainless steel
          Ceramic membrane element specifications: Φ30×L300 precision ceramic filter material
          Ceramic membrane element aperture: 50nm, 100nm, 200nm, 400nm, 600nm, 800nm, 1um, 1.2um, 1.5um, 2um, 30nm (200KD), 20nm (150KD), 12nm (100KD), 10nm (20KD), 5nm (8000D) ), 3nm (2000D)
          Ceramic membrane element filtration area: 0.08M2
          Ceramic membranes based on inorganic materials science have incomparable advantages over separation media such as plates and frames, centrifuges, diatomaceous earth and polymer membranes:
          • Stable chemical performance, resistant to acid, alkali and oxidation;
          • Resistant to organic solvents and high temperature;
          • High mechanical strength and good wear resistance;
          • Long life and large processing capacity;
          • Narrow pore size distribution, high separation accuracy, up to nanometer level filtration;
          •  Easy to clean, can be online medicament or high temperature disinfection, can be backwashed.

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          Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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